In 1956 George Molyneux developed and sold his crane runway products worldwide to include India and the Middle East. In 1976 the company created Molyneux Industries, Inc. in the United States. Molyneux Industries, Inc. soon grew into an independent entity under the leadership of Godfrey Molyneux.

Today, Molyneux Industries, Inc. continues to offer a full line of crane railway products:

  • Customized Engineering Solutions For Crane Runways
  • Adjustable Crane Rail Clips
  • Custom Design Adjustable Crane Rail Clips / Clamps

    To suit client project requirements.

  • Crane Rail Pad

    Steel reinforced resilient pad for continuously supported crane rail.

    Resilient pad for discontinuous / individual soleplates.

  • Tie Backs / Surge Connectors

    Bearing tie back link assemblies with internal seals.

    Bearing tie back link assemblies with external O-ring seals.

  • Sole Plates

    Steel soleplates for continuously supported crane rail.

    Steel soleplates for discontinuously supported crane rail.

  • Sole Plate Leveling Systems
  • Anchor Rods / Anchor Bolts

    For continuous and individual soleplate systems.

  • Epoxy and Cementitious Leveling Grout

    Special formulated grouts for custom applications.

  • Hydraulic Crane Bumpers / Buffers
  • Crane Rail

    American, European, Asian and Australian rails.

  • Rail Machining

    Special machining of rail and rail ends.

  • Rail Bending

    Rail bending for curved rail systems.

  • Crane Rail Expansion Joints
  • Crane Rail Crossing Systems

    Flange bearing crossings for double flanged wheels.

Molyneux Industries has a varied industrial customer base with extensive experience in international markets in these and other industries:

  • Steel Mills
  • Aluminum Plants
  • Container Crane Ports
  • Shipyards
  • Ship Unloaders
  • Shiplifts
  • Cement Plants
  • Paper & Pulp Mills
  • Automotive Plants
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Electrical Generating Plants
  • Automated Storage Systems
  • Retractable Roofs
  • Offshore Oil Rig Platforms
  • Bulk Handling Systems
  • Heavy Construction

After 40 years of commitment to the material handling industry we offer the most exceptional variety and highest quality products for crane runway systems.